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What is B&R medizinprodukte GmbH?

B&R medizinprodukte GmbH is an educational, research and manufacturing company that is also active in the import and export of medical  products. B&R scientific Group tries to improve the quality of its services by providing comprehensive training in its fields of activity.

What are the aims of the B&R medizinprodukte GmbH?

The  aim  of   B&R medizinprodukte GmbH  is  to  improve  the  prevention  and  recurrence  of chronic wounds, to optimise  the care of affected persons and the basic conditions for  care,  as  well  as  to  professionalise  teaching  and  research  in  these  areas.  To  this   end, recognised educational measures are offered in the form of seminars for wound  experts, specialists and therapists.  The purpose of B&R is not only to sell products but     also to provide comprehensive and new methods in the field of wound   treatment.

The  following  remarks  describe  the  importance,  tasks  and  role  of  B&R  wound   experts. They also show how one role builds upon the other as well as the content that sepa-rates  them.  They  build  upon  the  basic  ethical,  professional  and  legal  requirements of the in-dividual  professional  groups.

What role should B&R wound experts perform?

The role is derived from basic vocational training and supplementary qualifications. Addition-al  qualifications  (=  advanced training) do not automatically legitimise somebody    to adopt a different position in the interprofessional team,  as  the  applicable  legal  framework  is  not af-fected.

It is B&R’s stated objective to define the additional qualification as a basis for this assign-ment. The respective  role  should  be  defined  within  the organisation in a job or/  and task de-scription. This approach prevents an excess of competence and defines the   field of activity in terms of content and structure. The B&R calls for wound  care  to  be clarified in the sense of delegation, other organisational forms are  to  be  regarded  as critical.

How should the cooperation of the professional groups involved be arranged in terms of organisation and content?

Taking care of people with chronic wounds is an interdisciplinary task, since the problems of prophylaxis and therapy  are complex and  can only  be  identified  and  eliminated,  if  possible, by the cooperation of all professional groups. Across the board, reservations within the ther- apeutic team must provide an  understanding  of  communication,  cooperation,  transparency and coordination. Exclusive focus on the “correct” wound dressing does not live up to today’s understanding of wound care. As such, the causes of the development of the wound and/or problems with healing have to be determined by means of a medical diagnosis. This is done taking into account the individual patient situation, followed by adequate causal therapy, ac- companying therapy and local wound therapy. In  the  ideal  case and  according to possibili- ties, scientific data is collected and analysed in order to generally strengthen the knowledge base related to wound care in the team itself and after   publication.

What is the expected from graduates with B&R qualifications?

All  graduates of the B&R qualifications are expected to focus on professional action tak-     ing professional and social aspects into account. The patient is to be seen as a self-determined being whose individuality must be respected. The objective is to promote quality

of life and autonomy through a holistic and economic approach. An  isolated consideration of  the wound and care for it under the aspects of a bio-medical model is thus    excluded.

What basic conditions are necessary?

According to  the  examination  regulations,  a  primary qualification is necessary for access  to B&R education.  On  the  basis  of  acquired  basic  knowledge,  the  qualification  and  then the competency are developed in  terms of connected learning. In  general, therefore,  we strive for professionalism, which presupposes certain basic  conditions.

The required basic conditions from the point of view of B&R:


  • Time and material resources

  • Provision of the necessary materials  and aids

  • Fair remuneration

  • Compensation for performance

  • Clarification of responsibilities  in  an interdisciplinary team

  • Possibility of participation in higher  and further training

  • Data collection and evaluation

  • Formation of opinion in a dialogue  with other  specialist companies

  • The creation of a consensus of opinion at a European  level

Why does the B&R require recertifications?

Rapidly evolving nursing and medical knowledge, short innovation cycles in the area of care products and aids, as well as changing legal requirements and basic principles make it nec- essary for new findings and new developments to be communicated in a timely and regular manner.

As such, the objectives of the recertifications are clearly defined.  There should be a deepen-  ing, extension and consolidation of the mediated contents and, if necessary, a correction. In addition, exchange possibilities are made possible at a professional level. In  addition to      the formal organisation of recertification events, B&R also has an important role to play         in  pro-moting  informal  exchange  between  colleagues  and  individual  professional   groups. This in-creases the quality and value of a certificate.  In  the  long  term,  the  formation of a network leads to an increase in the care and quality of life of people with chronic wounds.

Important information concerning the contacts and distribution of tasks related to the B&R staff certification

Office of B&R Medizinprodukte GmbH

Office of B&R                           

Office manager: Bijan Asgari

Postal address: Wihelmstr. 101 D-13593 Berlin

E-mail: b.r.medizinprodukte.gmbh@gmail.com

Secretarial office

Tel.: +49 (030) 702 450 10       Fax:  +۴۹ (۰۳۰) ۷۰۲ ۴۵۰ ۲۵

Homepage of B&R: https://www.brmedizinprodukte.com/

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