About us


We want to offer high-quality, innovative products and additional service and support for an affordable price that improves the quality of life of end-user products.


B&R does not consider itself solely a distributor but also as the preferred problem solver and a reliable partner for medical, patient care and hygiene products and services. We are always focused on the needs of our customers and patients. In our networks and development centers  we develop solutions and services the quality of which meets the high standards of those who have placed their trust in us .At B&R, people and their healthcare have always been our main focus. The tagline People.Health.Care. draws attention to three independent areas that together form the essence of B&R’s vision and values: People are our top priority and therefore at the heart of everything we do. Their health is both B&R’s area of expertise and sphere of activity. Care embodies the brand values of trust, customer and service focus,  as well as the idea of B&R as a reliable partner. As a trusted problem solver, we are well positioned to help people worldwide with this three-pronged approach.





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