?how about at Public Spa

Hygiene is the single most important reason many people avoid to go to public spa centers or wellness massage centers. This concern is very much correct and people, instead of getting well may contract contagious or infectious diseases if they go to such spa, wellness and beauty centers. This problem is however, solved by the Ozonomatic Spa system because of its controlled and calibrated ozone delivery, the water of bath tub or foot spa bucket, is disinfected while you enjoy your hydromassage. The spa centers, fitted with Ozonomatic System are the most hygienic wellness spas so next time you visit any spa center, make sure they have Ozonomatic installed there.
Is shower safe?
Most of the people believe they take shower everyday and its quite safe to clean and cleanse the body. Not really!
• A BBC report says: Taking showers ‘can make you ill’ “Showering may be bad for your health, say US scientists, who have shown that dirty shower heads can deliver a face full of harmful bacteria. Tests revealed nearly a third of devices harbour significant levels of a bug that causes lung disease. Levels of Mycobacterium avium were 100 times higher than those found in typical household water supplies.”
• Another BBC report says: Deadly bacteria found at resort: “Legionella bacteria were found in a shower head and hot tub. The bacteria which cause Legionnaires’ disease have been found at a leisure resort near Dundee. Health officials had been carrying out tests at Piperdam after a 60-year-old man who visited the complex died from the infection. The legionella bacteria were discovered in a shower head and a hot tub at one of the lodges.”
• A report from Discovery News: Dangerous Pathogens Live in Showerheads: “Showerheads offer warm, wet places for bacteria to grow — and cleaning your showerhead with bleach doesn’t help… It’s also that the spray nozzle creates a fine mist of tiny water droplets. “These tiny, tiny particles can go all the way into your deep lungs,…”
• CDC web site mentions about Tinea pedis infection, citing reference from American Academy of Pediatrics Redbook. 2006 Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases, 27th edition: “Tinea pedis is spread through contact with infected skin scales or contact with fungi in damp areas (for example, showers, locker rooms, swimming pools)”.

As the perfectly controlled and calibrated ozone release from the Ozonomatic Spa System disinfects the water completely, it makes Ozonomatic a necessity of every bath room, be at home or hotel or at spa center. It is must have for every bath room.

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