Ozonomatic Jolly Med Jolly Med-013

Ozonomatic spa System is a DIY, portable ozone spa digital device that can be used anywhere, where
bathtub is available. When switched on it pumps out mixture of ozone and air to produce more than 380
jets of ozonized air bubbles in the water of bathtub to give full body water massage (hydromassage) or
pearl bath. This differentiates it from conventional bathtubs, whose massage is done with non-ozonized
water jets which are prone to spread serious infections. Ozonomatic The method consists in bubbling
ozonized air under pressure in a warm water bath. The bubbles can be slowed down or speeded up
manually. Or one can use automatic program pre-sets to enjoy hydromassage of choice. It gives an
opportunity to use eight different massage programs, for example stimulating, sporting or
re-activating circulation. Each program is dedicated to different kind of needs.
Ozone safety:
Ozone can be manually switched on or off. When bubble speed is manually increased ozone emissions
would automatically go off as a protective mechanism. Similarly in an auto a pre-set program, when bubble
Speed goes high the ozone output is stopped. This protective mechanism ensures that ozone effect
remains limited to the water in the bathtub and does not escapes to the atmosphere. Hence no harmful
effects or irritation is caused to the respiratory system.

Effects: Ozonomatic Jolly Spa enables full relaxation and rests in the comfort of the own
bathroom to the people with very limited resources of free time. The device, due to its
characteristics, enables everyday improvement of the quality and comfort of life.

Sauna Effect:
Ozonomatic spa System comes with a Thermal Overlay. When the thermal overlay
is used with warm water in the bathtub it provides sauna effect during hydromassage.

Additional Effects:
In addition to the ozonized hydromassage one can use Breast Cup and
Massage Brush when needed for additional effects. The built-in heater can be switched on to
keep the airflow warm in order to prolong the warmness of bathtub water.

Scalp and Hairs:
The Ozonomatic Jolly Spa device has been additionally enhanced with the
function of hair and scalp care with ozone. Hair ozonizer and dryer that comes with the
system can be used to dry hairs after the hydromassage, and those who apply hair dye can
ozonize their hairs and scalp for longer lasting hair dye and scalp health.

Foot Spa: Foot Spa bucket comes with the system and can be used for regular foot
hydromassage. Regular foot massage can be very useful keep one’s feet healthy and fit.

Remote Control:
All the functions of the spa device are controlled through a digital,
waterproof remote control. The remote control also has a built-in thermometer that keeps
one aware of the bathtub water temperature. One does not need to go out of the bathtub to
change bubble speed, ozone output, or change pre-set program.
Ozonomatic Jolly Spa have following applications as well as a color module.
-The stimulant program
-Relaxation program
-The activating program
-Sports program
-Morning Program
-Evening program
-Anti-cellulite program
-The program for disinfecting the bathtub
-The manual program
-The program for foot massage
-The hair care
-The program for decontamination of premises

In addition to hydrotherapy, Ozonomatic comes with changeable lights to create
chromotherapy effects in the spa room ambiance. Different colors of light are said
to have different effects on the mood and wellbeing.

 Useful for:
-Spa centers
-Foot Reflexology and massage centers
-Hotels and resorts
-Wellness Centers
-Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centers
-Home use

 The system includes the following.
-Digital Ozonomatic Jolly Spa device [ 220 -240 volts (for those who live in different
electric Voltage region or country will need appropriate voltage converter which can easily be bought locally or on online stores)]
-Connecting hose
-Matt for bathtub
-Massage brush
-Breast cup
-Thermal overlay
-Foot spa bucket
-Neck support

-Engine output 500 W
-Heater 200 W
-Maximum power use 700
-Power Source 230 V 50/60 Hz
-The air flow up to 1700 l / min
-Ozone treatment in accordance with CE regulations
-The dimensions of the unit of 35 x 28 x 18 cm
-Weighting unit 10 kg
-The dimensions of the applicator 102 x 33 cm
-Hose length up to 250 cm
-The check valve in the hose
-Range of remote control up to 4 meters
-Temperature of +10 to +40 ° C
-The level of humidity in which the device can operate 15% – 90% uncondensed steam
-Forced air pressure 700 hPa – 1060 hPa
-Electrical Insulation class: Class II
-Class of used parts: BF
-IP Classification: 40

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